GL-Pwyll/3 - Life History as someone with good resources or who is a good friend might know (lifelong friends or near such should see GL-Pwyll/5).

Pwyll was born on a ship in the south amber seas between 90 and 110 years ago during a very bad storm, the worst on record, and lived in Amber until 60 years ago at Chantris house, having been brought there and introduced as Chantris by a cousin. As a child he had a huge love of nature and especially loved wolves. When he got older he joined the Navy 82 years ago and very quickly rose to the rank of captain, but refused his own command to stay 1st mate of Cyrus aboard his ship on several campaigns in shadow. When in Amber at that time his favorite haunts were the Crown and Rose and in Surya's. There was some event 60 years ago that had him drinking up a storm and seemingly wracked with guilt. At that time he fled off into shadow.

Up until 30 years ago he lived in Jade studying crafting and the mystic arts. During that time Pwyll was exploring and found a dying phoenix near a gate. The phoenix had fought something of the dark and had a corrupting spiritual poison in its system that would have prevented rebirth. He and a travelling wizard took the phoenix back to the village and helped heal it over several days. The phoenix flew away to parts unknown. The wizard and Pwyll talked over those days but Pwyll does not remember the wizards name. Does remember he had a great grasp of magic and once joked that he was an Archon in waiting. Pwyll gathered a feather from the battle site and the wizard said something about preserving the fire in it. The feather now continues to smolder but is only hot enough to mark a surface slightly if brushed against it. It is not enough for a bonus. Pwyll holds the feather no longer, having gifted it to Sol.

During this time in Jade he made trips outside of the shadow, visiting thoughout the golden circle, but Minos and Begma seem more prevalent. It was also during this time that the pirate Zheng Yi is known to have started operating out of Minos, sailing the Black Storm, a ship made for plundering with all manner of strange devices if rumour is to be believed. It is said that the Black Storm is made of wood harvested from the Black Road and that the Captain keeps a pair of hellcats at his side always and has fallen Lyonesse paladins that were turned to undead as his guard, and a hundred other tales just as fantastic. It is also rumoured that Pwyll had a run in with Zheng that left Pwyll within a hairs breadth of dying. There are records that show Pwyll recovering from near mortal wounds in Minos 48 years ago.

Pwyll is good friends with Cyrus of Chantris, Sol, Krieger (1st mate on his ship the Storm Mistress), and Baksi. He knows and is friends with many others, including many business associates.

Some 30 years ago seems to have fallen off the grid, though Cyrus did not go out to look for him. He returned to Amber on 3.10.14 AC (14th day of the 6th month of the 3rd year after start of Corwin's reign, ie. June 14, 2008). He is known within Chantris as being in control of a shadow out past the Golden Circle, called Scwarzwald in the native tongue (Black Forest). This shadow provides Chantris with marble for building and woods especially good for ship building, as well as military forces in the form of storm hounds and dwarven Stone Dogs, masters on stone.

He is known to be offering crafting services of all kinds, and to be researching the road-less-travelled mystical mysteries such as Alchemy.

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